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American Baler's PAC Series Balers

Frictionless floating platen follower plate wiper located behind feed chute.

Exclusive swing away auto-tier system increases bale tying speed and reliability.

Trunnion-mounted main cylinder puts less torque for longer life and less maintenance.

Operating and monitoring functions are controlled through a Programmable Logic Controller.


bulletAdvanced dust control features.
bulletLarger capacity feed chutes when using under the roof air systems.
bullet40% less energy required per ton of production.
bullet20% lower wire costs due to heavier bales.
bulletHeavier bales mean less handling and less storage requirements.
bullet"SOS" Slick Option System is standard.
bulletSelf aligning tension system generates over 166 tons of squeeze force.
bulletEnhanced filtration system filters up to 3 micron particulate.
bulletExclusive "SHARP 5X" liner with a 5 year warranty.
bulletCompressing cylinders are tested to 12,000 PSI burst.
bulletTrunnion mounted cylinders for exact alignment.
bulletSwing away wire tier assembly mounted on either side.
bulletExtra heavy duty 5 wire tier for 12,11 or 10 gauge wire.
bulletReliable PLC controls with user friendly operator interface.
bulletFlooded suction, TEFC motor, logic controlled manifold powerbacks.

50 Models to Select From

To receive a full color brochure of the Pac Series Balers, fill out an information request form, or call Innovative Design Concepts at 1-419-483-5556 for your free information packet.

Click here for American Baler's Full Line of Balers.

"SOS" free floating self adjusting chamber.


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