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Heavy Duty & Economy
Closed Door Horizontal Balers

Standard Hopper

Economy's regenerative hydraulic circuit maximizes GPM flow and minimizes horse power requirements for optimal energy efficiency and productivity.

Trunnion-mounted hydraulic cylinder enables cylinder rod to push without binding, putting less torque on the cylinder rod, seals and packing rings for longer life and less maintenance.

Specially designed ram face built of 1" thick steel plate for strength and long life. UMHW wear plate is adjustable via simple J-bolts.

Only one hydraulic cylinder needed to operate bale chamber door, reducing maintenance and production time.

Electrical box features fused disconnect standard.


Side Loading Flared Hopper (4250 CD)


Oversized Hopper


Economy Brand Closed Door Series - The Best Baler Value in the Business.

Innovative Design Concepts is proud to introduce you to American Baler's Economy Brand Heavy-Duty Closed Door Horizontal Balers, including the Standard Hopper, Oversized Hopper & Side Loading Flared Hopper (4250 CD). Designed for applications where high-volume production is not a priority, but high value is.

We offer several models of closed door balers, each designed to pass a wide variety of important tests, including production, space, bale size, and budget, to name a few. And, most importantly, they are built to stand up to the hardest test of all -- the test of time.

Built To Take It.

IDC works with American Baler, a company that has been building horizontal balers longer, and builds them better, than any other. The closed door balers are built with heavy duty frames, most using four-inch, solid steel breaker beams and floor beams. The entire baler frame and subframe is constructed of heavy weldments, with a liberal use of thick structural steel.

Specially designed rotating fixtures during construction allow welders to reach the proper angle needed for uniform welds throughout the structure. Additionally, extra steel cross beams are placed where you need them the most -- under the floor.

Finally the entire baling chamber is constructed of thick structural steel channel on both the sides and top ... a shortcoming other balers cover up with a steel plate on top. Just one more reason Economy balers have been known to work for 50 years.

Maximum Energy Efficiency.

The regenerative hydraulic circuit maximizes energy efficiency and productivity. A powerful trunnion-mounted or clevis-mounted hydraulic cylinder reduces stress for long life and low maintenance. Add the quiet, efficient and reliable vane hydraulic pump, and you have a hydraulic system with less moving parts, less maintenance, and less downtime, with more performance, reliability and durability.

Safer To Operate. Safer To Own.

All Economy Brand Heavy-Duty Closed Door Balers meet exceed ANSI-Z245.5 1990 safety requirements for baling equipment. Features such as an electrical disconnect switch, exceptionally quiet operation, UL-approved electrical components, and safety interlocks that prevent unauthorized operation make it one of the safest systems available. For extra added safety, bale chamber door cannot be opened until main cylinder is retracted and pressure on the bale has been released. Safety interlocks in standard and oversized hoppers prevent unauthorized operation, shuts baler off if door is opened.

Maximum Productivity Features, Built-In.


Specially designed ram face built of 1" thick steel plate.


Only one hydraulic cylinder needed to operate bale chamber door.


Electrical box features fused disconnect standard.


Heavy-duty spring-loaded retainer dogs located on both top and sides of bale chamber to hold material in place to form a denser bale and reduce material spring back.

Material Feed System Options


Side Loading Flared Hopper is typically used for manual feed or cart dump loading.


Standard Hopper for manual, pneumatic or mechanical conveyor feeding system. Available with plexiglass viewing windows, access door and safety interlock system.


Oversized Hopper's large (28 1/2" x 50") feed opening accommodates bulky or large materials. Used with manual, pneumatic or mechanical conveyor feeding systems and includes viewing window, access door and safety interlock system.


Infrared Cycle Control initiates automatic baling cycle when materials block infrared beams.

For Large Material Production Needs - The 4250 CD.

When baling large materials, Innovative Design Concepts suggests the 42" x 50" feed opening of the 4250, a closed door baler with several built-in productivity features that are usually available only on larger horizontal balers.

The unique three-stage shear slices through material masses quietly and efficiently, while the UL- and CSA-listed programmable controller features a digital readout for easy troubleshooting.

The 4250 also provides: 18" of ram penetration into the bale chamber for denser bales of varying lengths; T-1 steel ram liners and floor for longer life; a 10 Micron filtration system providing cleaner hydraulic oil for less wear and maintenance; and a special electrical disconnect system with all components individually fused to comply with rigid electrical codes.

The Best Bales In The Business Now More Affordable Than Ever.

If you're looking for a baler that will give you years of dependable, reliable service, buy the one that's built that way ... the Economy Heavy-Duty Closed Door Horizontal Baler. Examine the features, and the corresponding benefits to your operation, and see for yourself how superior performance, competitive price and low maintenance combine to make an Economy Heavy-Duty Closed Door Horizontal Baler the ideal investment for you.

Available Options: Automatic tank heater; high level infrared controls; air-to-oil heat exchangers; special paint; alternative voltage packages; watertight controls NEMA 4; conveyor motor starter and controls.

Bale a multitude of materials, including cardboard, hard-to-handle cartons, newsprint, aluminum, tin cans, plastics, and a variety of other recyclables.


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