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"Q" Series

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Depending on your needs, Innovative Design Concepts can recommend from several choices of Metal Detectors by Karlyn, including the M, 35, P. EM, B, Bridge, I, and S Series. Call us for specifics.

Many times, applications require a sensitivity that can not be achieved by our "entry level" "S" series systems. For those applications we offer our "Q" Series Separators. The "Q" Series equipped with a balanced coil configuration similar to the technology used in our Ultra-sensitive units. This technology, originally developed for the food industry, is the most sensitive configuration on the market.

The "Q" Series offers product compensation, the ability for a metal detector to blend out interference signals caused by the material. These interferences can be caused by moisture, acidity, or even the shear bulk of the material as it passes through the coil.

Features Include:

bulletManufactured using Surface Mount Technology
bulletProduct Compensation
bulletNoise Suppression
bulletAdjustable Sensitivity
bulletAutomatic Climate Compensation
bulletDetachable Controls
bulletFull Self Monitoring Diagnostics
bulletOptional Programmable Plug-in Cards
bulletAutomatic, Manual, External Reset Capability
bulletCoil Sizes Ranging from 1.5" to 26"
bulletFerrous and Non Ferrous Detection

Electrical Specifications:

bullet115/220V - 50/60Hz Operation (Auto Select)
bulletMetal Relay - Dry Contact(s) output rated at 5A/250VAC
bulletFault Relay - Dry Contact(s) output rated at 5A/250VAC
bullet+24V Inputs for External Controls
bulletPanel Mounted Reset Switch

Not all Models are pictured. Use the forms listed at the Contact Page to order or request more information, or call us direct at 1-419-483-5556, with any questions.


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