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Innovative Design Concepts can provide you with quality reconditioned equipment at competitive prices with a warranty. All equipment is subject to prior sale.

0501-   Selco V5HD, 60x30x48 bale, feed opening 60x28, 10 HP

            6” cylinder.

0502-   JV.Mfg DH60, 60x30x48 bale, feed opening 60x22, 10 HP

            7” cylinder.

0503-   IBC 1272 closed-door, 72x30x36 bale, feed opening 50x30, 20 HP’

            6” cylinder.

0504-   Economy 72A42OSH closed-door, 72x30x42 bale, feed opening 50x30 20 HP

            6” cylinder.

0505-   American 10557 auto-tie, 36x26xvar bale, feed opening 34x26, 30 HP

            8” cylinder.

0506-   Selco HSO107A auto-tie, 30x36xvar bale, feed opening 30x28, 20HP

            7” cylinder.

0507-   Economy 4200 Plastics Perforator, feed opening 42”, 5HP

0508-  American 12645 Block Dropper, 30x40xvar bale, feed opening 30x34,

            40 HP, 8" cylinder

0509-   BloApCo 3CAX2536 vertical feed shredder, 36x40 feed opening, 25HP

0510-   CS Bell HMG-16 glass crusher w/ incline conveyor

0511-   Prodeva PD25 gaylord container dumper, 2500# cap.

0512-   Brock 16-P6000 67CF PE surge tank w/ extended legs

0513-   BinMaster BinBob YoYo silo heads  quan. - 7


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